Generator Gensafe GHS2000i

$150.00/ day+ GST


  • Engine Type: 4 stroke OHV Yamaha MZ80 Air Cooled Single Cylinder
  • Running Watts: 1600W
  • Starting Watts: 2000W
  • Rated Frequency: 50HZ
  • Rated Voltage: 240V
  • Run Time: 10.5hrs at 1/4 load
  • Noise Level: 51dB at 1/4 load
  • Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.2L
  • Start Type: Recoil
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 500mm x 280mm x 450mm
  • Weight: 20kg


  • Anti-vibration: nonslip anti-vibration absorption feet assist in the smooth operation and noise reduction while the generator is running.
  • Smart thinking: Petcock integrated into ON/OFF switch helps prevent fuel contamination into the carburetor when the generator is not being used.
  • Protection: 1 X 8A / l2V DC socket for recharging 12v automotive lead acid batteries. Protected by an Overload/Reset button which is incorporated into DC socket.
  • Advanced technology: pure Sinewave inverter technology delivers clean stable power to protect sensitive digital electrical devices. Delivered by l5 amp 120 volt AC output sockets.
  • Smart throttle: a load-dependent smart throttle system automatically maintains engine speed and clean power output at the most efficient level under all usage loads, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, noise and vibration.
  • Safety: warning Shutdown Protection System incorporates a Low Engine Oil light to protect the engine and an Electrical Overload Light to prevent damage to the generator. Automatic shutdown will occur within seconds following a warning light illumination.
  • Eco-friendly: inverter generators have low fuel consumption, some 20-40 percent lower than a traditional generator set under normal usage.
  • Ergonomics: ergonomically designed handle easily allows person to safely lift and relocate the generator. 
  • Parallel connection capable: two inverter generators can be quickly and easily linked using a special parallel connection cable to double your output.