Industrial Marquee Specialists

Not only suitable for parties and functions, marquees are proving to be an easier, more affordable and flexible option for businesses needing extra space. The Event Marquees team has a range of industrial marquees ready for sale or short and long term hire. Simply get in touch. 

OWN your Event and BUY from Event Marquees

Hiring is one thing, but buying is another. And with Event Marquees’ for sale range, you can own it. Of the highest quality and with competitive prices, Event Marquees has brand new marquees, hospitality furniture and event accessories for sale. Let’s get ready for party season.

COVID Vaccine sites

To get out of lockdown, we need to reach high vaccination rates. Many businesses are taking matters into their own hands and setting up their own on-site vaccination clinics. And Event Marquees is here to help you every step of the way.

Why Our Picket Fence Is So Popular

Event Marquees Picket Fence suits all types of events and can be styled in many ways. Here are our top 5 reasons why it is the popular kid on the block… Read on.

Pop-up Spaces

2021 will most probably see COVID receding into the sunset ( and good riddance!) It will then be time to party. We just need somewhere to do it… hello pop-up spaces! They tick so many boxes. It’s time to find those spaces and host those much needed events. Read on about pop-ups.

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