The Serpentine Tables, as the name suggests, is unique in its ability to create interesting wave or curved formations that provides a striking new element to your event layouts. The curved sections allow you to set-up in many creative ways and provide fresh functionality for your next event. Create a different style bridal table, buffet table, bar or conference set up with Event Marquees new Serpentine Furniture.

Be Creative with Serpentine Tables

These revolutionary tables can be arranged into really cool shapes. Use a single shaped table only or mix and match with other shaped tables to create your ideal event space.

  • Ideal as a buffet station! Use one long series of joined tables for everything or consider having a few different buffet stations such as carvery, salads, bread and desserts
  • Makes a perfect bar - curved or waved, or consider figure of 8, with cocktails one end and wine & beer on the other
  • Modern bridal table that stands out and makes the couple of the moment the clear centrepiece due to its interesting shape
  • Intimate dinner party where everyone can interact with its flexible shapes and sizes
  • Long wave for wedding reception dinner or long lunch


Circular Serpentine Furniture Set-Up

This configuration is ideal for intimate weddings or dinners as every guest is able to see each other fostering a festive atmosphere.

It also lends itself to creative centerpiece styling -  this lush example is from Oprah’s 50th birthday demonstrates. We adore how the curved tables are matched with the dome centerpiece. The Circular Serpentine layout  also means it is easy for guests to move and wait staff to serve without disturbing anyone else.

Dependent on your requirements you can go as big or as small as you require, with options to have guests seating on either a single side our double-sided.


Set-Up options

Utilsing the curved Serpentine sections with straight trestle tables, all  sorts of interesting and functional shapes can be achieved.

From circular, oval, waves (both long and short), through to the striking figure of 8 - you can make almost any shape you desire.

The Event Marquees team has lots of great ideas using serpentine tables that could be perfect for your wedding, party, corporate event or conference.


Styling Serpentine Furniture

Because it highlights its decorative shape, often Serpentine furniture is styled using bold colours, such as this pretty purple or the bold maroon in the figure of 8 example.

Classic white for weddings also looks stunning, especially with the romantic bohemian tablecloth style.

It also looks striking against a natural green background of lush lawn, forest or garden, as the serpentine tables undulations will stand out.

Whatever your theme or style it can be paired with the seating of you choice. Event Marquees has a wide range of chairs including classic Tiffany Chairs (in a variety of colours including new Limewash), modern Clear Phoenix Chairs, sleek White Folding Chairs or the classic wooden Cross-Back Chairs.

New Serpentine Tables are a great way to be different at your next event. They are now available to hire from Event Marquees - get in touch with our helpful team with your enquiry.