Brand new and stunning addition to the Event Marquees range are our striking artificial hedges. Greenery is an event must-have and these are going to be hit for all types of events - from weddings to product launches. They feature a wooden planter box with high quality artificial box-hedge. Available for hire or for sale. Also there are branding options available if you wish to purchase. Portable, easy to move and visually striking they create beautiful natural looking spaces at any outdoor or indoor event.

[UPDATE] Planter boxes now available in 3 colours

Event Marquees has now extended this popular range to include 3 colour options for the planter boxes.

They come in

  • Natural
  • Charcoal
  • White

Top tip! If you are wanting to purchase planter boxes for your venue, we offer a wider range of customisation options including;

  • Matching planter box colour to corporate brand colour or other desired hue
  • We can add in your message or logo - options include stencilling, brass plates, engraving or detachable prints.
  • Customise with lighting or other accessories


Visual Boundary

In many cases you need to partition spaces, to create specific zones. These are perfect as they look great, provide some sound barrier and robust but easy to move.

Being portable it means that you can easily adjust the spaces should you need. For example extend a popular chill out lounge to accommodate more guests, or to make more room for the dancefloor action.


Entrance or Walkway

An event entrance is a golden opportunity to make an amazing first impression to your guests. Utilise this new artificial hedge to create a stunning walkway entrance that will wow. Consider topping it all off by utilising our ( also new) Marquee Double Doors.


Adjunct Accessories

While they look beautiful on their own you can also easily accessorise them to your theme.

Pop in some colour with bunting, or faux flowers. For Christmas Parties - adding some baubles will instantly create a festive feel.

For an event that goes into the night, dress up your artificial hedges with lights. Classic fairy lights look amazing, or consider festoon for a more modern look, or even our new pallet lighting.


Striking Addition to our Two Types of Picket Fence

It’s hard to make our sleek white picket fence any more popular - however teaming it with our artificial hedges - they are going to be on everyone’s must-have list.

We offer two types of picket fence - classic picket and modern horizontal boundary fence. Both look stunning with our new arrival - the artificial hedge..

Get in touch with our helpful team for picket fence and hedge combo packages.



Made from the highest quality materials they are both durable and beautiful.

  • Wooden planter boxes
  • Faux Boxwood hedging
  • Dimensions: 115cm wide x 90cm high x 40cm wide
  • Price: $60 + GST each to hire (Hire period 1-7 days)



Artificial Hedges For Sale

For venues such as pubs, shopping centres, outdoor cafes and the like they are so handy to have as you can easily partition, create new space, provide a clear walkway in style. This allows you to easily create specific space for a private party, make more outdoor space or if you are expecting a crowd, easily create a clear pathway.




We offer branding options if buying our Artificial hedges, these include:

  • Different paint colours for the boxes
  • Heat branded either for marketing message or for proof of ownership
  • Vinyl stickers ( perfect if you want to change your message from time to time)


Price to buy (excl. Branding option): $380 + GST

Please get in touch with our helpful team with your exact requirements.